Accident at work claims – injuries to left eye

Accident at work claims

A 29-year-old engineer sustained injuries to his left eye due to an accident at work claim.

The engineer was chiselling a piece of metal at work without wearing protective goggles when a piece of metal went into his eye causing his eye to become red and aggravated.

He attended his local hospital when it was revealed that a 5mm piece of metal was stuck in his eye and caused a laceration to the central cornea, he was kept in overnight and underwent surgery to remove the metal from his eye.

It is believed that the wound was difficult to secure and seal, which meant a total of nine stitches was inserted which was removed two months post-accident.

He has now been left with severe vision problems resulting in him having to wear glasses or contact lenses every day.

The claimant was off work for a total of 32 weeks and had to undergo surgery 2 years post-accident to have a graft inserted into his eye, which improved his vision by 20%.

Due to the claimants accident at work, he submitted an accident at work claims and was awarded £20,000 for the damages that occurred.

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