Accident at work compensation – facial injuries

Accident at work compensation

A worker sustained facial injuries with a burn to his left eyelid.

The claimant who was aged 23 at the time of the accident was shovelling hot tarmac from a wagon when a piece hit him on the upper left eyelid causing a superficial burn injury.

It is believed that the claimant sustained no damage to his eye, but sustained blurred vision for a period of time after the accident with swelling to his eyelid.

Three weeks post-accident the claimant was suffering with severe pain around the burn when he then attended his GP; his sleep was affected due to the pain and pain killers did not seem to help much.

An examination 14 months post-accident revealed that this incident has affected his family life and working life. The claimant was absent from work for 4 weeks due to this accident and the amount of pain he was suffering.

The claimant received £3,600 in accident at work compensation due to this incident that occurred.

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