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An employee who was working as a tree surgeon and suffered an injury at work when he fell nearly four meters, still holding a running chainsaw and landed on another colleague. The accident at work occurred when they were pruning a garden tree. One of the workers suffered minor injuries in the accident, though his other co- worker sustained a dislocated shoulder, a laceration to the head, a punctured lung and other internal injuries.

The employee was in hospital for four days.  However, when he was discharged he collapsed in his home, dislocating both his shoulders. He spent over 7 weeks in hospital in intensive care with a severe chest infection. Due to nerve damage in his shoulders, the worker had little use of both arms and needs constant care.Following the accident the worker contacted  accident at work solicitors.

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An investigation into the accident at work found that the owner of the firm was negligent. The owner of the tree was concerned about the stability in strong winds. He hired three employees to help him remove the tree with a chainsaw. They used a ladder to provide higher access.

Fall from heights at work 

To increase the height they placed the ladder on the rear of their pick-up truck which was parked at the bottom of the tree. One of the employees climbed the ladder and cut through the tree with a chainsaw. But as the top of the tree was cut, it swung around and knocked the man off the ladder. He fell with the chainsaw in his hands and landed on his employee who was at the bottom of the tree. The firm was fined £10,000 and ordered to pay cost.

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