Fatal accident at work – Fall from height

Fatal accident at work

A fatal work accident claim could be made according to the solicitors where an employee was killed.  A safety inspector walked through a factory floor and fell 13 feet onto a gravy making machine. The 46 year old worker sustained serious head injuries after he fell head first into the void which makes gravy. His death was ruled as an accident after an inquest.

The deceased lived with his wife and two stepdaughters who, if liability was admitted could made a dependency claim in relation to fatal accident at work claim.  The deceased was checking smoke detectors at the factory when the accident occurred. He used a master key which was given to him by a technician, to unlock a first floor door.

Fall from heights at work 

Managers at factory decided that it was not necessary and the door ‘to nowhere’ was left locked. A sign had recently been installed; it read:

“Danger. Keep this door locked. Four metre fall to the floor if opened.’ 

Another worker ran to his aid after hearing a loud bang.  Two other witnesses said the man was bleeding from his head.  The male died in hospital from a number of fractures to his skull.

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