Worker died in fatal work accident

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A worker’s death was due to a fatal work accident claim  where 3 others have been left seriously injured.

An explosion occurred when emptying a pressurised tank.

One of the workers died from head injuries after six days of the fatal work accident claim.

The fatal work accident claim was investigated by Health and Safety officers. The fatal work accident claim investigation found that two workers were told to unbolt a hatch covering the tank when there was still pressure in the tank. The pressure released causing the hatch to fly across the room. Water followed the hatch and knocked everyone off their feet.

One of the other employees who suffered serious injuries at work and was unconscious for other one week and remained in hospital for treatment to his head, skull and also him forearm which he had three operations and a skin graft.

Another employee sustained trauma to his head. He suffered: heavy bruising to the face, broken jaw, cut to the nose and lip and damage to his teeth.

The company where order to pay a fine of £79,000.

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