Lifting Work Accident £16,000 – Slipped Disc – Nurse

Accident At work Compensation Claim Example

Accident work claim, nurse injured her back lifting a patient out of bed to change hospital bedding. A compensation claim by the accident solicitors who acted on behalf of an employee obtained £16,000 compensation for an accident at work, injuries sustained a strained back.  Solicitors acted on a no win no fee basis.

Accident at work claim was made when a nurse in a care home strained her back whilst trying to lift up a patient out of his bed.  There was pressure at work as there was limited staff due to illness.  The nurse was required to lift the patient without assistance of another nurse or any mechanical aids.

As she attempted to lift the patient she felt her lower back “go” and suffered from immediate and severe pain.  The pain was so bad that she fell to the floor. She attempted to call for help through the patient’s internal intercom system. An ambulance was called and she went to hospital.  She was diagnosed with a slipped disc but the medical expert who was instructed by the solicitors advised that she also had a pre-accident existing condition to her back.

What this meant was that had it not been for the accident at work, the nurse in about 5 year’s time would have suffered from a back problem.  In legal terms this meant that the accident had accelerated her pre-accident back problem (which before the accident she suffered from no pain or restriction of her back) by a period of 5 years.

For compensation terms the solicitors who acted for the nurse was able to obtain compensation on the basis that had it not been for the lifting accident, she would not have suffered from any pain to her back until 5 years post the accident.  Therefore her claim was valued, in simple terms, as though she would have made a full recovery in 5 years.

Whilst the nurse was unable to return to her pre-accident occupation.  She retired early by some 7 years.  In addition to the £16,000 compensation for her back injury, she also obtained compensation for lost earnings and pension entitlements.  She also recovered compensation for care and aids that she required to help with her mobility.

The work accident claim solicitors acted on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement and recovered all legal costs from the insurance company. The worker received 100% compensation for his injuries and 0% legal costs.