Accident Work Compensation – £6800 – Jaw Injury

Accident At work Compensation Claim Example:

Workplace  work compensation accident claim, worker had fallen off a ladder due to it deterioraing with age and left unmaintained.  A compensation claim by the accident at work solicitors made a claim on behalf of the employee and obtained £6800 compensation for multiple  injuries sustained, including  a minor fracture to the jaw and soft tissue injuries to his knee and elbow.

Accident at work claim was made when a worker had a fallen off the ladder.  The injuried claimant was approximately half way up the ladder in the storeroom when one of the wooded rungs gave way.

This caused the injured worker to fall heavly to the ground. He fell onto his right side causing soft tissue injury to his knee and elbow.  His also struck his jaw when he fell to the floor.

Other employees came to his rescue and was advised to attend the accident and emergency hospital for medical help.The x-rays revealed a simple fracture to his jaw but no fracture to his knee and arm but soft tissue injury.

The injured claimant was advised to rest.  He was unable to take solid foods for 1 weeks and therafter gradually was able to take solid foods over a period of several weeks.

The injury meant that he was off work for for 3 weeks. After the accident at work, the responsible employers reviewed their health and safety procedure to ensure that similar accidents at the workplace would not happen again.   He made a full recovery within 18 months only suffering from occassional pain especially during the winter months.

All ladders were renewed and maintaned following the accicent to prevent similar accidents to employees.

Accident at work solicitors obtained compensation for £6,800 for the work related accident. The worker also received compensation for expenses and loss of earnings.

The work accident claim solicitors acted on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement and recovered all legal costs from the insurance company. The worker received 100% compensation for his injuries and 0% legal costs.