Fork lift truck Accident Compensation – £3500 Foot Injury

Accident At work Compensation Claim Example:

Forklift Truck Accidents At Work Compensation Claims

Accident in the workplace, worker injured due to a forklift truck wheel running over a fellow worker’s foot.  The injured worker was not seen by the forklift truck driver,  he A compensation claim was made and the worker obtained £3500 for a fractured foot.

The accident at work claim was made when the injured worker was accidentally ran over from another employer who was driving the forklift truck.  The forklift truck driver “overloaded” his truck with stock and he could not see adequately his front left field of vision.
The injured worker was standing near some shelving within the warehouse undertaking a stock check.  Suddenly and the forklift truck drove by and ran over his right foot causing personal injury, damage and loss.

The accident injury he sustained was a fracture his foot.

The worker suffered with severe pain, he could not move his foot so his employers advised him to go to the hospital.  His foot was x-rayed to see if his injury was anything major. The x-ray results had shown that the worker had fractured his foot and had to stay off work for 2 weeks.

He returned to work on light duties for a period of 4 weeks.  He suffered from occasional pain and discomfort for further period of 12 months.  He made a full recovery from his injury within about 12 – 14 months of the date of the accident.

Forklift Truck Accidents At Work Compensation Claims

Accident at work solicitors obtained compensation for £3500 for the work related accident. The worker also received compensation for expenses and loss of earnings.

The accident at work solicitors acted on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement and recovered all legal costs off the insurance company.