Workplace Accident – Ladder £7,500

Accident in the workplace, worker was injured due to a fall from a ladder when painting the exterior of a building. A compensation claim by the solicitors who acted on behalf of the scaffolder who obtained £7500 compensation for the workplace accident for injuries sustained due to fractured leg and a severe dislocation of the thumb together  with cuts and bruising.

Accident at work claim was made when the worker had fallen off a ladder whilst scaffolding was in place.

The accident at work compensation claim was caused when the ladder was left un-manned whilst he was painting the exterior of a large commercial building. The ladder became unstable causing him to fall to the ground. He landed awkwardly, his left leg taking the brunt of the fall.  He fell from a height of about 10 feet when he lost balance and fell backwards.  As he attempted to break his fall he also landed heavily on his outstretched hand. This caused the worker’s thumb to dislocate.

The worker was off work following the workplace accident and advised by doctors he had to rest.  The claimant worker was off work for a period of 2 months and returned to light duties for a period of a further month.  His fracture to his leg healed without complication within about 9 weeks.  He continued to have occasional pain and discomfort for a period of 1.5 years.  He recovered from his thumb injury within the year of the accident.

After the accident at work, the responsible employers reviewed their health and safety procedure to ensure that similar accidents at the workplace would not happen again.

Solicitors reached an out of court compensation settlement for £7500 for the injuries sustained. The worker also received compensation for expenses and loss of earnings.

The accident at work solicitors acted on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement and received 100% compensation and 0% in legal costs.