Work Accident – Fracture Elbow – £8500

Accident in the workplace, worker was injured from falling off a ladder when another employee failed to stand at the foot of the ladder. A compensation claim by the solicitors who acted on behalf of an employee who obtained £8500 compensation for an accident at work, injuries sustained, fracture of the elbow and hip injury.

Accident at work claim was made when the worker was unable to keep the ladder stable whilst he was doing work on a construction site.  The employer failed to make available another employee to foot the ladder.  As a result of the fall from the ladder he had fractured his elbow and injured his hip resulting in soft tissue injury.

It was admitted by the employer that they ought to have had another employee to foot the ladder but they had failed do so and failed to provide a suitable ladder/equipment to allow the injured worker to safely secure the ladder.

The injured worker fell from a height of about 9 feet onto the floor. Other employers came to his assistance and helped him to his feet and called an ambulance. He attended hospital.

The doctor advised the injured worker to rest to help them fully recover.  He returned to work after 6 weeks and was put on light duties.  It took almost 7 months to return to  his pre accidental level of work.  However the injured claimant still suffered from occasion pain and discomfort.

Solicitors reached an out of court settlement for £8500 for the injuries sustained. The worker also received compensation for expenses and loss of earnings.

The accident at work solicitors acted on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement and received 100% compensation and 0% in legal costs.