Accident At Work Compensation – Arm Injury

Accident At Work Compensation Claims Example

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An accident at work claim for compensation was made when a worker had been cleaning a machine when his arm was caught in part of a machine, resulting in his right arm being amputated from up to the elbow.  The employer had instructed the worker to clean the machine when it was not moving, but on the day of the accident at work, the worker cleaned the machine when it was in motion, causing the accident. The employer was held to blame, as they had not taken all relevant steps to prevent the worker accessing dangerous parts of the machine when in use.

The employer suggested that the worker did not take care of his own safety.  The accident at work solicitors agreed that liability should be apportioned on a 80% – 25% split of blame in favour of the worker.

The accident at work compensation claim succeeded even though the worker was to blame in part of the accident.  Accident at work solicitor also obtained compensation for loss of earnings, bonuses, travel expenses and medical costs in addition to the compensation claim for injury.

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