Accident At Work – Fall from Ladder £7,000 – Back Injury

Accident at work Claim Example

Accident at work claim, solicitors obtained £7,000 compensation, fall from ladder, back injury, back pain, strain to lower back, pre-exiting degenerative changes.

Accident at work claim was made when a small construction company on site failed to ensure a safe an proper walk way for ease of access.  As the worker was carrying some materials the wooden planks used for access gave way causing the worker to fall.  He fell awkwardly twisting and pulling his back.

He was hospitalised for a period of 6 days.  His injuries were not thought to be permanent but he did suffer from a minor but niggling intermittent pain to his back prior to the accident at work.  However the last episode of pain due to the back injury was 6 months prior to the work accident.

The medical evidence was that the worker would make a full recovery from his back injury within 3.5 years from the accident.  Any continuing back injury and back pain after 3.5 years would not be caused by the accident.

The accident at work solicitors agreed a settlement for £7,000 for the back injury.  In addition solicitors obtain additional compensation for lost earnings, travel expenses and other expenses.

Legal Costs

The accident at work solicitors acted on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement and they recovered all legal costs from the employer’s insurance company.  The worker received 100% compensation and 0% in legal costs.

Accident at work Claim Example