Work Accident, Forklift Truck, Back Injury £5,200

Summary of Example Accident At Work Claim

-Work related injury, back injury, back pain, accident at work, crush injury, fork lift truck,  £5200 (accident injury)

A worker sustained an accident at work when a forklift truck reversed and stuck him from behind crushing him against a warehouse frame.  The employer admitted fault when accident at work solicitors sued.

The lower back injury prevented the worker returning to work for 9 weeks.  The case was more complicated because the worker had suffered from pre-existing back injury where the pain was intermittent in nature.  The independent medical doctor was of the opinion that the injury due to the accident at work lasted for 9 months and the on going symptoms were due to the old injury.

The accident at work solicitors recovered £5,200 for the industrial accident injury claim.  Plus loss of earnings, travel expenses and incidental losses.