Lifting Accident At Work – Back Injury £3,000

Summary of Example Accident At Work Claim

-Work related injury, manual handling, lifting accident at work, back injury, and back pain, compensation £3000 (work related injuries alone)

An accident at work handled by solicitors where a female worker at a newsagent hurt her back when lifting a heavy bail of newspapers off the floor into her van for transportation.

It was the claimant’s first day at work.  She was never trained in manual handling.  The accident at work happened on a Sunday, the papers were a lot heavier than any other day.   As she lifted the papers the strapping broke which caused her to wrench her back and fall to the floor.

The injury sustained resulted in her being off work for 10 days and on light duties for 3 weeks.  The medical expert was of the view that the worker would make a full recovery within 6 months of the accident.  Compensation for the back injury and back  pain was agreed at £3,000 plus loss of earnings, travel expenses and other minor losses.